Environment and Social Oversight Consultant

Environment and Social Oversight Consultant

Location: Ghana
Client: Millenium Development Authority (MiDA), Ghana
Services: Environment and Social Oversight
Period: 01/2008 to 01/2011


Project Description:

The project was as a result of a US$500 million grant from the United States Government through the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The Millenium Challenge Account focused on agriculture transformation, provision of social and transportation services as well as the extension of credit and training to agri-businesses and Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs). The Millenium Development Authority (MiDA) was the local implementing Agency in Ghana.  The assignment involved the preparation of a Strategic Environmental Assessment Document and environmental monitoring of various projects under the Agricultural, Transportation and the Rural Services Development components of the GoG’s MCC-funded_Program.

MCA Zones

The Consultant undertook strategic environmental assessments (SEA’s) and baseline studies for the Northern, Afram Basin and Southern Intervention Zones under the compact. The services also included Environment and Social Oversight responsibilities for MiDA projects. As part of the activities, which included community engagement, gender analysis and preparation of gender policy framework preparation, HIV situational study and HIV policy framework, the Consultant was also responsible for the environmental monitoring and auditing of all projects implemented under the compact. Various reports including weekly, monthly and quarterly reports were submitted to the client who initiated the necessary corrective and remedial actions.  This was to ensure that the various projects were implemented in accordance with national and international environmental best practices.

Consultation with Pineapple Farmers at Bawjiase in the Awutu-Effutu Senya District